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KnowTheChain is a resource to promote greater transparency and dialogue around issues of slavery in supply chains. It was created to educate companies, investors, policymakers, and consumers about the existence of slavery in supply chains, and to encourage greater disclosure and transparency related to SB-657.

While some companies have not yet posted disclosure statements, others have taken an important first step by posting a statement addressing the majority of SB-657 requirements. Other companies have gone even further, embracing both the letter and the spirit of the law by disclosing robust efforts to combat slavery and conduct human rights due diligence along their supply chains.

Acting as a bridge between the letter and spirit of the law, KnowTheChain seeks to open a meaningful dialogue that assists companies in building ethical and fair supply chains free of forced labor and trafficking.

About the Data

(Last updated August 2014)

The companies included in the KnowTheChain dataset meet all three criteria outlined in the law: 1. Retailer seller or manufacturer; 2. Annual worldwide gross receipts that exceed $100 million, and 3. Doing business in California. Companies with a posted statement addressing at least three of the five SB-657 requirements are awarded a check mark.

Three channels were used to identify these companies. First, a research team from CAST, Not For Sale, and Verité used the Hoovers D&B database and relied on criteria developed by an outside law firm specializing in corporate and financial law, to identify companies that meet the law’s criteria. The team then researched each company and identified a number of disclosure statements. All companies with posted disclosure statements identified through this process were included on KnowTheChain's site.

Second, using the S&P Capital IQ database, Sustainalytics and Humanity United identified a second group of companies that also meet all three criteria in the law. This dataset was cross-referenced with the findings of the original research team. Companies that appeared in both datasets were also included on our site.

Third, in conducting additional diligence to develop and populate the website, the KnowTheChain team has identified a small number of additional companies with posted disclosure statements. These companies are also included on KnowTheChain.

Using this final dataset, compiled through the process outlined above, the KnowTheChain team conducted an additional round of research to ensure all disclosure statements were appropriately captured. Using a standard search methodology, the team searched each company website for information outlining the procedures, if any, a company had established regarding human trafficking in their supply chains. Companies with a posted statement addressing at least three of the five SB-657 requirements were awarded a check mark. The dataset is also continuously modified to reflect corrections and additions submitted to KnowTheChain that meet the methodological standards discussed above. The date of the most recent update to this information is posted on each individual company page. 

Each company with no or an incomplete statement posted has been contacted at least twice by KnowTheChain to alert them to the law and its obligations. All corrections and updates received in response have been promptly reflected on the site. While some companies have affirmed their commitment to ethical supply chains by producing new or more comprehensive disclosure statements, the majority have remained silent.

KnowTheChain recognizes that its dataset does not fully reflect all the companies subject to SB-657. With the public information available, it is impossible to definitively determine all of the companies that are subject to the law. KnowTheChain encourages any company with a global supply chain to adopt, and make transparent, policies to address human trafficking in their supply chain regardless of SB-657 requirements.

For more information about our methodology or to report an error or omission, please visit our Contact Us page.

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